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Ludwig Quidde: Ludwig Quidde, historian, politician, and one of the most In he published a pamphlet, Caligula, which had the appearance of a historical. Buy Caligula (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews – Buy Caligula und andere Werke (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews Caligula und andere Werke (German Edition) by [Ludwig Quidde].

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Revising History, Re Presenting Memory: The nineteenth century is a period well known for its historical revisionism and, in particular, its vindications. While excusing the behaviour in Caligula, Quidde draws attention to it in others.

: Caligula und andere Werke (German Edition) eBook: Ludwig Quidde: Kindle Store

Undoubtedly influenced by the new theories of nineteenth-century criminologists and psychologists such as Lombroso and Krafft-Ebbing, this distinctive approach to the ancient world, fuelled by commentary on contemporary politics, served to challenge and re-cast traditional narratives of memory from and about antiquity according caligupa modern agendas.


Moreover, Quidde was not the only writer to adopt this approach: For Baring-Gould, breeding through incest was the answer, whereas Rydberg saw the tumultuous upbringing of young emperors such as Caligula and Nero as ultimately to blame for their crimes.

These texts speak to a broader European movement to revise and reimagine the ancient Roman past for a new, social-scientific context. An Illustrated Monthly The Tragedy of the Caesars: Caligula – Wilhelm II.

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