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The DFR22 from Shure is a two-input, two-output digital audio processor with feedback reduction. It features a software interface with “drag and drop” controlled. Buy Shure DFR22 Audio Processor with Feedback Reduction – A Versatile and Powerful 2×2 Processor: Studio Recording Equipment – ✓ FREE. Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Tech Support, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Shure DFR22!.

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The chart below lists the minimum requirements for running the DFR22 software with no other applications–including virus protection, firewall, instant messaging, or email–in the ddfr22. Configurable signal path with drag and drop Windows interface. When this algorithm detects feedback, it inserts a df22, narrow filter into the audio path, reducing gain at the frequency that is feeding back.

SRH Premium Closed-Back Headphones deliver world-class audio performance, comfort and durability to professional engineers, musicians and audiophiles. Use the DFR22 software to configure the control pins so that they match the attached control hardware. Use these pads when connecting the DFR22 to lower-level inputs. In most cases, you can expect a 6 to 9 dB improvement in gain-before-feedback.

Frequency response and signal levels can be visually monitored in real time as parameters are adjusted. Register this product by filling out and mailing the enclosed registration card, or register online at the Shure web site www. RS Serial Port Connection. Registration allows you to receive information about software updates as they become available.

DFR22 Audio Processor

See any errors on this page? To establish the Auto Clear function, proceed as follows:. If you press the LOAD button within five seconds, the device will make the selected preset the new Live preset. KSM8 The first-ever dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone specially suited for high-end vocal reproduction and sound-reinforcement control.

After the unit zhure installed and programmed with the software interface, end users can control the DFR22 with a computeror an AMX or Crestron controller. Although a computer is required to configure the DFR22’s equalizers, drr22 processors, delays, and crossover, you can use the DFR22 “out of the box” as an automatic feedback reducer, without connecting it to a computer.


Frequency Response of an Unequalized Sound System. Additional rack mount supports may be necessary for mobile installations. You should leave some filters available to catch feedback that might occur later, when the sound system is in use. Using the graphical user interface, processors can be placed anywhere in the signal path.

Our experts offer industry-proven tips and tricks to help you get the most from your gear. Audio will pass from the inputs to the outputs, even if it has not yet been configured through the computer interface.

Shure 2 Channel Audio Processor With Feedback Reduction DFR22

Featuring enhancements to a patented Adaptive Notch Filter Algorithm, the DFR22 includes single-channel and stereo processing blocks with up to 16 precision notch filters that automatically seek out and reduce feedback. The DFR22 builds on that reputation to provide an affordable full-featured 2×2 audio processor with drag-and-drop software. Pin outs for a 9-pin RS cable are shown in Figure 10 and listed in Table 1. The unit stores sixteen presets and provides bit conversion, 48 kHz sampling and a minimum dynamic range of dB.

Pressing these buttons locks the filters at their current values. Input 2 is analyzed by another feedback reducer and then routed to Output 2. Signal going into each input is analyzed independently, but the feedback reducer applies the same notch filters to each channel.

Rack Mounting the DFR Control Pin Connections The control pins on the back of the DFR22 connect to switches, potentiometers, and controller hardware.

A security feature ensures that the device cannot be tampered with after it is installed. Audio Connections Audio will pass from the inputs to the outputs, even if it has not yet been configured through the computer interface.

DFR22 Audio Processor

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Various types of control hardware can be connected to the Control Input pins, as shown in Figure A mono 16 filter DFR on each input. Provides two independent feedback reducers. Once the system stops feeding back, you can further raise the sshure and repeat the process for additional frequencies.


The DFR22 attenuates these frequencies, flattening the response of the sound system. The preset indicator and controls are also used for setting the number of hours after which each dynamic filter is removed when engaging Auto Clear. It is designed to equalize sound system response, provide dynamics processing and alignment delay, and automatically detect and control acoustic feedback.

You can also link processors for more efficient global control. However, if all filters are in use and an additional feedback frequency is detected, the DFR22 replaces the oldest existing dynamic filter with a new filter at a new frequency.

To establish the Auto Clear function, proceed as follows: The DFR22 also allows real-time design changes, so you can add, subtract, or change processing blocks as you tune the system. The DFR22 comes with three factory-configured presets. Each time the DFR22 detects a feedback frequency, it assigns that frequency to one of the filters. High-quality audio solutions for conferencing and discussion systems.

It is also a powerful setup tool in live music applications. Copy and paste processing blocks to any input or output to duplicate processors across multiple channels. The circular 3-pin XLR connector is an industry standard for balanced audio signals. Reviews 0 Write a review ybyzzfbdfctfcutf.

The Control Input pins can be used to change presets, adjust gain, and mute channels. If Auto Clear is not engaged, holding them down for three seconds resets all filters. Also, the Auto Clear timer is suspended.