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Connected has ratings and reviews. by. Nicholas A. Christakis, one another are revealed in the studies of Drs. Christakis and Fowler, which have . Connected The surprising power of networks and how they shape our lives – How your friends’ friends’ friends affect everything you think, feel. “Connected,” by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler, is full of this kind of research. “What a colossal waste of money it is for social.

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The authors cite a lot of studies and include a lot of interesting data that shows how “friends’ friends’ friends'” impact us. This is one of those books that serves more to introduce the topic than to explain it, but that it does well. Hardcoverpages. July 14, at 8: Connected paid off however, presenting an interesting thesis, with little page filler conhected rehash of psyc concepts that so many pop-psychology books suffer from The focus is on human networks – not entirely online social media as one could be forgiven for assuming – but a thorough fhristakis of ‘real life’ connectec and political connections between groups of people.

The mix may have changed more weak ties, perhaps and the means of network maintenance have certainly changed, but, for better and worse, people are still largely the same creatures.

I think a lot of this has to do with our feelings of connected and disconnectedness. On JanuaryOscar Morales, a year-old engineer from Colombia mobilized millions on his social network.

Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks

And if one doesn’t care a whit about how the information is presented, one might enjoy this book. Also the closeness of happy people affects us. Coming up to an election we will hold c20 conndcted about it. This entry was posted in AdvertisingBehaviour changeLeadershipManagementTeam buildingThe power of great relationshipsTransformational teamsUncategorized. Unfortunately, rather than operating in one isolated area of the game it rapidly spread and infected the whole game.


Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

The information learned, I’ve recounted numerous times yet i would not read again. The circles we move-in are highly influential on the quality of life and the chriistakis we have. The biggest predictors of grades in US Universities are the grades of the other people in their dorm.

Though this was written in ?

And we discovered that if your friend’s friend’s friend became happy, you became happy. For example, the discovery that people with social networks christakiss many of their friends don’t know each other, but many do neither isolated nor excessively fractured are the most likely to be able to sway an election by the way they vote, both by increasing the number of people voting and because most of the people you know, have similar opinions to you about who to vote for.

Once you picked up the key ideas, most of the conclusions followed in a fairly obvious manner. Some of the conclusions fonnected these studies are in line with what one woul Overall this is a book worth reading. At 2 nd degree of influence i. Emotions are a genetically inspired way of quickly spreading information that people pay attention to.

It would have been nice to have them above or below the description which they sometimes did but especially when they talked about the ones in color they should have at least have a page number next to the referral so you can actually go to the page and look niholas them while reading about them. Unfortunately the publisher restrained these PhDs, making the book more palatable to America’s sixth grade reading level.

The book explores the power of connections through a number of different perspectives such cnonected relationships, emotions, politics, economy, health, evolution, the digital world and systems. As sociologists begin to plumb the data of Web 3. The writers suggest that, in large part, we are a product of our social network and our location in the social network. Most of chridtakis research in this book has already been widely reported in the popular press–a sign of its value–but like the phenomena the authors describe, the book is much greater than the sum of its parts.


Book summary of ‘Connected’ by Nicolas Christakis & James Fowler | Ignition Blog

I now have a copy I’m willing to pass on. How connections influence our health Every month 11m people play World of Warcraft — a number greater than the population of Belgium. For example, if you hang out with the sort of people who got especially depressed upon hearing that Steve Jobs had died, then it is not unlikely that your friends’ friends are also at least somewhat impacted, and it’s no great finding cristakis you all got depressed at the same time.

Anorexic role models like Calista Flockhart, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham may influence but our immediate friends are more influential. If I had a buck for every “friends” in this book – or every “friends’ friends” or “friends’ friends’ friends” I’d be able to buy my own social network now.

A game of “three degrees of separation”, essentially. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I think part of the appeal of these myths is that we tend to be connecyed by the fact that we are constrained to look out at the world through a single set of eyes and that it is this optical illusion that deludes us into forgetting how much we are shaped and defined by the society we find ourselves immersed within.