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Middle aortic coarctation is a rare vascular anomaly characterized by the segmental narrowing of the abdominal and/or distal descending thoracic aorta with. The prenatal diagnosis of fetal coarctation is still challenging. It is mainly .. Quarello E, Stos B, Fermont L. Diagnostic prĂ©natal dese coarctations de l’aorte. Coarctation of Aorta Presenting as Cardiac Failure in Early Infancy. J. J. Kempton La coarctation aortique du nourrisson; sa correction chirurgicale. Sem Hop.

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Therefore it is necessary to have specialized ultrasonographic tools for the correct diagnosis of coarctation. The clinical manifestations are variable and so is the age of diagnosis.

Facts Views Vis Obgyn. Personal information coarctafion our website’s visitors, including their identity, is confidential. Intravenous Prostaglandines type 1 are used neonatally when an important coarctation is suspected to avoid closure of the ductus arteriosus immediately after birth and to gain time before surgery.

Orphanet: Coarctation aortique atypique

Gyselaers1 A. They found also that PA: Serial isthmus to ductal ratios can also help distinguish fetuses coaarctation would require surgery from those requiring surveillance.

A localized posterior aortic shelf was demonstrated within the aortic isthmus. In B-flow imaging, echoes from the tissue and that of the blood flow can be displayed with high resolution and without the overlay that characterizes color Doppler imaging.

The narrowing in the descending aorta occurs at the insertion site of the ductus arteriosus Fig. The evaluation of this pattern of flow remains subjective and the number of cases examined until now are still limited Paladini et al.


Access to the full text of this article requires a subscription. J Arab Neonatal Forum. When fetal diagnosis of coarctation is made or suspected, delivery must be foreseen in a centre where specialised cardiac care coarctqtion take place. Recoarctation or unrecognized aortic arch hypoplasia should nevertheless be eliminated.

La coarctation de l’isthme aortique chez l’adulte.

All relevant studies between have been selected. Other associated factors Fetal coarctation can be associated with bicuspid aortic valve, aortic valve stenosis, a large VSD and mitral stenosis Abuhamad and Chaoui, One of the newer techniques based on 3 and 4-dimensional imaging of the fetal heart with spaciotemporal imaging technique STIC and a B flow volume with afterwards offline M-mode aoryique to evaluate diastolic run-off known to be present in coarctation is promising.

The ductal tissue theory suggests that ductal tissue invades the aortadistal to the isthmus part coarctatlon the aorta proximal of the ductus arteriosus and distal from the insertion of the left subclavian artery. Practical Guide to Fetal Echocardiography: References Abuhamad A, Chaoui R.

This is probably related to blood flow redistribution because of the increased resistance of the left ventricular outflow tract. In adults, anatomic correction of coarctation has fewer effects on arterial pressure than in coarctatjon. Witters 1, 2, 3. Regression analysis of the ratio in normal fetuses against femur length and gestational age showed that it was very close to a constant value of 1, regardless of the value of femur length or gestational age.


Graphical display of the z-scores for isthmal diameter in the three vessels and trachea view based on femur length a and on gestational age bfor isthmal diameter in the sagittal view coarctqtion on femur length c coarctatio on gestational age dand for ductal diameter in the three vessels and trachea view based on femur length e and on gestational age f.

Discussion Coarctation of the aorta is a common congenital heart defect. Antenatal diagnosis of coarctation is critically important for early treatment of the neonate. Results lower than 0.

Use of 4-dimensional sonography in the measurement of artique great vessels in mediastinum to distinguish true-from false-positive coarctation of the aorta. This obstructive lesion may reduce the blood flow in the fetal aortic arch, leading to arch hypoplasia, although in some cases this may only be clinically evident after birth, or even in later life.

It can be only a temporary redistribution that normalises after birth, or a permanent redistribution seen in cases requiring cardiac surgery after delivery. A secondary aim was to describe the spectrum of postnatal diagnosis and outcomes of fetuses referred for evaluation of isolated left-right ventricular disproportion.

Ao ratio was significantly higher in fetuses with CoA compared to those with a normal heart.