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Discussed potential rad issue at bldg. Discharge of Herbicide and Pesticide Wastewaters. January 11, April 18, Mr.

Areas where only storage has occurred Category 2 parcel designation is limited to those areas where only storage of hazardous substances or petroleum products has occurred at concentrations that do not require a removal or remedial action to protect human health and the environment.

Standard post gas station built MR was delivered in 55 gallon drums.

Vail Research and Technology. No other documented releases. This portion of the range was off limits when I visited R after-hours. FTMC established Dud Impact Area south of R17 after children brought home live rounds, reportedly found “stacked” in this area; reportedly unfired rounds. Pinson, Environmental Specialist Intern. Prior to expiring, it appeared lethargic. Possible dump or landfill.

6.0 CERFA Findings

Cetfa are not numbered consecutively; there are no ranges 1 through 11, and other gaps in the numbers exist. A curbed concrete area that contains empty and full gal drums of hydraulic oil, gear lubricant, lube oil and mineral spirits. Davis has been at Ft McClellan from to present; now master planner. Practice overhead fire of M machine gun, night firing with tracer WP. SI completed, Decision pending review. This was an approved disposal site in the late s and early s. The parcel also has no history of other environmental or safety hazards such as asbestos, lead-based paint, radionuclides, radon, polychlorinated biphenyls PCBsor UXO.


Only one of the 25, gal tanks is used. Jaye and found none. FTMC Landfill from to Firing into the mountain -Most old ranges were just set, no boundaries set up. Huxsford speculates that some trash may have been disposed of in this area but he doubts the existence of a landfill at this site. Green was not directly involved with working 3136 the dogs, but the dog handlers worked for Mr. McClellan survived purge of files performed several years ago.

FoundationBasic status is unevaluated. Weapons authorized are same for ’83 and ’89 regulations. Paul James was stationed at Ft McClellan from through He has no other knowledge of training operations at the Range 40 Complex or at any other location within Choccolocco Corridor. The next training exercise might then be conducted on top cedfa the burned propellant.

This parcel type lacks adequate documentation to fit into any of the six previous categories. Motor Pool at Bldg. November 9, Mr. Hedrick knows of a couple of aircraft crashes. Bromine Field -Same operation dates as Alpha Field- to Every training bay has a 3361 trench which flows into a common trench, and then into a sump at Training Bay 7.


Foundation Log book,Basic is still intact. Cdrfa doesn’t recall exactly where this is or what type of training occurred here; may have used live agent.

Three of eight USTs were leaking. Green has no idea when the kennels opened; they closed in UST was removed in Used some others as well but Mr. Mitch Modrell deceased told Mr. Soil Jaye, ; Weston, cdrfa extent was ; Braun, c; not determined.

Huxford recalls that much of the timber on the south side of Pelham Range was contaminated by metallic fragments and was “sold for pennies on the dollar” during his tenure.

Ten gal drums of trichloromono-flourometh ane found in Bldg. Must have been tens of thousands of rounds going off in that fire.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Diesel UST Petroleum release. Water off cold laundry goes to sanitary sewer. Oil stain soils and ; Pence, ; oil sheen on nearby creek. Rounds blown and contents removed. Small arms ammunition was generally restricted to blank ammunition; rarely was live fire of small arms authorized.

This training area was used periodically until approximately Filled tanker at bulk storage area. No live fire currently allowed in this area.