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Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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It includes everything needed to paginate and format a document. Check the iText tutorial and documentation for setting access t, password, encryption strength and other parameters. There are a number of commercial companies trying to crack this, and with all of their work, still have problems with true fidelity.

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

Catherine Devlin on March 22, K S Rajain 16 3. The fonts used for the formatting and viewing depend on the fonts available to your JRE. The value of the mandatory src attribute is compared against the value of the src attribute in fo: Images and SVG are not fully supported, yet.


This was originally developed to accommodate an archive system that could only accept plain text files, and is primarily useful for getting a quick-and-dirty view of the document text. XMP metadata and watermarks. The mandatory name attribute must refer to an 8 character space padded resource name that must be known in the AFP processing environment.

Apacne Smith on April 15, This creates a PDF document that is streamed out as each page is rendered. Multibyte characters are not supported. For the higher settings to work as expected, JAI needs to be present in the classpath. Set this to “2” only if you don’t have a Level 3 capable interpreter.

Apache FOP Output Formats

Multiple include-page-segment extension elements within a simple-page-master are allowed. We very much hope prices will come down once the product has mattured somewhat.

The default value for the “transparent-page-background” setting is “false” which apqche an opaque, white background for the whole image. One workaround is to use Adobe Acrobat the full version, not the Reader to process the file manually or with scripting that it supports.

It can only reference an existing medium map by name. The AWT viewer shows a window with the pages displayed inside a Java graphic. We’re looking for volunteers to help us implement them. Here are the tp steps using the command-line:. All fonts available to the Java2D subsystem are usable.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When “external” is used a resource-group-file attribute must also be specified. Kishore on April 4, I have tried repairing, reinstalling and every possible stuff i could. Experimentation has shown that the font metrics for the FOP built-in Base14 fonts are actually very similar to some of the IBM outline and raster fonts. In this case, all images are converted to bi-level images using IOCA function set 10 FS10 and are enclosed in page-segments since some implementation cannot deal with IOCA objects directly.

RTF output is currently unmaintained apach lacks many features apacne to other output formats.

When the native attribute is specified and set to “true”, all image resources will be natively injected into the datastream using an object container rather than being converted into an IOCA FS45 image. It is NOT supported on document level fo: The page-source extension attribute on fo: The include-page-overlay extension element allows to define on a per simple-page-master basis a fip overlay resource.