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Music has always been esteemed for its power to speak directly to our higher consciousness. Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and. In this book, Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and tuning from their origins in both China and India, through their merging in ancient. Music and the Power of Sound by Alain Danielou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The primordial sound is the divine Word, through which, according to the first chapter of the Hebrew Genesis, all things were made. Between midday and midnight the vd d i dominant note is in the lower tetrachord purvdngai.

The kind that was sought by Brahma and other gods, and practiced by Bharata and other sages in the presence of Sambhu Sivais called m arga; it brings everlasting prosperity, while the songs, play, and dances that please the hearts of people in different countries are called desi regional.

There are seven continents: Therefore, to realize all results, seen and unseen, w e shall define grama [scale] first. For ordinary assemblies at the court, the lii of the month should be taken as fundamental.

Musical intervals ranielou scales. F ifth a n d O ctave According to circumstances, time, and the role attributed to music, theorists anv compiled musical theories from the point of view of either expression or numbers. S y m b o lism a n d C o rresp o n d en ces o f th e Lii Western readers should be warned against making any hasty judgments about the practical value of the correspondences attributed to musical notes by the Chinese or the Indians. Inner Traditions August Daniflou Skip to content Search for: The melody remains unaffected and in the key of C Sa because a permanent element is required to determine a key and habit can up to a point create this permanence in favor of C Sa —that is, in pf of the Western major mode, supposing that we are still using only the white notes of the piano keyboard.

The fundamental expresses the majesty of the emperor.

Music and the Power of Sound – Alain Daniélou – Book Review – Unfretted

W hen with the help of different instruments some of these harmonics are reinforced, the quality of the basic sound is enhanced, and its expressive value, which differs according to the specific harmonics reinforced, is improved.


The resulting tuning is shown in adn We thereby obtain a division of the major tone into nine intervals, the minor tone into eight and the diatonic major half tone into five.

In many cases the works of Greek philosophers and mathematicians reached Europe through the Arabs. This is also the case, for example, with Gregorian plainchant, where the tonic is always uncertain. For our investigation, musical intervals appear under two aspects: This has been noted by E.

This shows, incidentally, that modern authors who pretend that the microtonal intervals snitis are not clearly defined in Sanskrit treatises, and who interpret them according to the fancies of their own imagination, either have not read or have not understood the Natya- sdstra, or are not aware of the most elementary particularities of the diatonic scale. To them it seems essential to maintain order and harmony in our material world, and to achieve the perfect proportions in individual and social life that only the knowledge of the subtle correspondences between things can allow, harmonizing them with the help of appropriate sounds.

Each angle is connected by a dotted line to its upper fifth and its lower fifth.

This interpretation allows an intensification of expression and an increase in the beauty and accuracy of the form. Bruno Clement rated it really liked it Jan 20, For the modal definition to be complete, four tetrachords are required, which have a different function though they are generally similar.

According to the Lii sbi cbun qiu, the most ancient text on the lii: And the history of Indian music, as that of Chinese music, is full of the legends of marvelous musicians whose voice could make night fall or spring appear, or who, like the celebrated musician Naik Gopal, compelled by the Emperor Akbar to sing in the mode of fire iraga Dipakmade the water of the river Jumna boil and died burned by the flames that issued from every part of his body.

The day is further divided into eight watches praharas of three hours each and, further, into twenty-four hours twice twelveassimilated to the twelve regions of the octave, the signs of the zodiac, and so on.

Unfortunately its approach is difficult; no systematic study of it has been made in any modern language, and we cannot begin this enormous undertaking here.

» Music and the Power of Sound

The major tone, the minor tone, and the diatonic half tone thus may be represented as in figures W ith the approach of winter, nature closes in and concentrates itself.


W e can unfortunately only glance at it here. One is the theory of evolution applied to the short period of recorded history. Brent marked it as to-read Jul 07, Account Options Sign in. In this book, Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and tuning from their origins in both China and India, through their merging in ancient Greece, and on to the development of the Western traditions of modal and polyphonic music.

Music and the Power of Sound – Alain Daniélou – Book Review

In this way the scale of sounds has been formed, corresponding to the material world, to the five directions of space four cardinal directions and the centerthe five elements, and so on. This note is called vddi that which speaks.

If we neglect the small difference between the oof fifth and the octave, we obtain the equalized chromatic division into twelve half tones on which all temperaments, or equalized divisions of sound, space, and time, are based. Jason marked it as to-read Jan 24, During the sixth moon the forests are skund.

The number twelve, so applied to the universe and all its representations, was always the harmonic manifestation of the principles One and Two and of the way in which their elements were coordinated. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Still, every system piwer based on the properties of fifths remains incomplete from certain points of view. If we take as a basis the note adapted to the cosmic period, the year, the month, and the day, these ratios will allow us to find out auspicious days for events both past and future.

The seven notes are thus: There is no essential difference between successive and simultaneous sounds, provided the ratios that bind them are the same. There is no doubt that the Chinese system is similar to that of Pythagoras.